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Hello folks, and welcome to one of the most interesting and unique subforums on Smogon.

The purpose of Technical Projects
Some of the most important tools in Smogon history have originated here, from Honko's many damage calculators, to RNG Reporter, to the great Pokemon Showdown itself!

All of these projects started as grassroots efforts in which the OP not only had a vision in mind, but a working prototype available to the Smogon userbase. This is brilliant because it encourages community feedback and teamwork to make great tools.

What not to do here
  • Do not post a new thread asking for something to be made for you. Instead, learn to program! If you have a great idea in mind, use it as fuel to learn programming yourself. Pick up a multi-platform language like python. There are thousands of tutorials on the web to get you started in no time.
  • Do not post general questions here. For example, this thread does not belong here. This would have better off been posted in the RNG Reporter thread in the Wi-Fi subforum. I know Smogon is tough to navigate for newcomers so if you can't find the right place, contact user jetou to help you find what you're looking for.
  • Do not post threads with minimal information. If you need help with a project please make our lives easier and post as much information and progress as you can. We can't help you if you can't show us what you need help with.
  • Do not advertise projects you did not create or help create. If you are not the creator of a project do not post on behalf of someone. If they wanted a thread for their work they would make one themselves.
  • Do not talk about anything illegal. We have a strict rule of no ROM talk
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